Batch & semi-batch reactor

Batch reactors find application across a multitude of chemical industries, ranging from traditional roles in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals manufacturing to modern applications such as wastewater treatment and green energy production.

The (semi) batch reactor unit operation in DWSIM Pro enables users to gain an understanding of transient behaviours, reaction kinetics, and product quality over time.  You can simulate various batch reactions, including but not limited to polymerization reactions, fermentation, and specialty chemical production.   

Advantages of using (semi) batch reactor in DWSIM Pro:

👉 You can adapt the reactor mode of operation to the reaction nature. Batch reactor simulation comes with three calculation modes: Isotherm, Adiabatic, and Advance mode with Jacket for more detailed simulation.  
👉 You can use a built-in kinetic model or define your own kinetic specification through the Python scripting (to enlarge the applications and mimic real life kinetic behaviour).
👉 You can define dynamic simulation settings and schedules in one place. This allows an easy run of different case studies without going back and forth to the dynamic settings.  
👉 You can create live charts to monitor key variables as simulation is running over time.   
👉You can export dynamic simulation results to customizable reports.