Carbon Capture (Amines Property Package)

Optimizing the modeling process for carbon capture is essential for efficient resource utilization, time savings, accurate predictions, and enhanced effectiveness of carbon capture solutions.

A critical aspect of the modeling process is evaluating various amines solvents within the carbon capture system. Comparing these solvents based on performance, cost, and operational range helps determine their suitability for specific carbon capture applications, aiding in the selection of the most effective and cost-efficient solvent.

The Amines Property Package in DWSIM Pro simplifies and accelerates the process of comparing solvent performance by enabling effortless compound substitution, saving time and resources while ensuring accurate evaluation.

👉 You can simulate a variety of solvents (MEA, MDEA, and DEA) and easily compare their performance using the replace compound feature. 
👉 You explore a broad operating range of temperature, pressure, and concentration by utilizing the model designed to accommodate a wide range of operating conditions. 
👉 You achieve fast and effortless convergence due to the utilization of a reliable model and efficient routines, guaranteeing smooth and dependable simulation results.

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