Hypothetical compounds

Hypothetical compounds, which are not yet available in process simulators, play a crucial role in chemical industries. Engineers rely on process simulators to model these compounds and predict their thermodynamic and transport properties under specific process conditions, enabling accurate optimization of process design for efficient production, maximum yield, and minimal risk.

Advantages of modeling hypothetical compounds:
👉 You can predict the behavior of chemicals that are not yet present in process simulators. 
👉 You can optimize process design by evaluating the impact of different process conditions because of hypothetical compounds.  
👉 You can improve process safety by accurately modeling hypothetical compounds and identifying potential hazards and risks.

DWSIM, an open-source process simulation software, is well-known for its ability to simulate chemical processes with great accuracy, and reliability. It also allows its user to model hypothetical compounds. 

Daniel Medeiros offers a comprehensive tutorial on adding user compounds in DWSIM. In this tutorial, he demonstrates how to import new hypothetical compounds into DWSIM and estimate their properties, such as heat capacity, vapor pressure, liquid density, viscosity, and conductivity.

We 👍 this video because:   
💁‍♂️ It provides valuable guidance and instruction for scientists and engineers working with hypothetical compounds. 
💁‍♂️ It demonstrates how to estimate the properties of these compounds, such as heat capacity, vapor pressure, liquid density, viscosity, and conductivity. 
💁‍♂️ It shows how to accurately estimate their properties, allowing for the optimization of chemical processes for efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

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