Mechanical datasheets reporting tool

Mechanical datasheets provide essential specifications such as temperature, pressure, flow, and manufacturer details, aiding process engineers in selecting and sizing equipment accurately.

They serve as a valuable reference for equipment purchasing, maintenance planning, and troubleshooting during process operations. 

Thanks to the mechanical datasheets, process engineers can create comprehensive datasheets for unit operations directly in the simulation program.

⏱️ You generate the mechanical datasheets directly in DWSIM Pro. You save time and eliminate the need for a separate application. 
🔄 You easily update the mechanical datasheets as the simulation changes, maintaining an accurate and up-to-date representation of the unit operation.  
📝🔧You easily input process parameters, mechanical specifications, and other relevant information for Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, Pumps, and Valves. 
📤 You can export the generated Mechanical Datasheets to various formats such as .xlsx or .PDF, allowing easy file distribution, presentation, and archiving of your work.

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