Take-home exercise/ exam
for Teaching
Process Simulation

What's Take-Home Exercise/ Exam?

Take Home Exercise/ Exam (THEE) generates any number of flowsheet simulations for classroom exercises or as individualized exams.


It is for every academic teacher who transforms lectures and seminars from in-class teaching to online self-study and exam settings during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Why use Take-Home Exercise/ Exam?

Test Engineering

You test engineering skills
and not only the usage of a process simulator.


You offer exams across multiple locations and for an unlimited number of participants.


You maintain the integrity of the exam thanks to individualized tasks and anti-cheating technologies.


With auto-grading, you evaluate and grade students with a click.

Cost Effective

You replace or combine with paper exams and examination centers.


All you need is an internet connection to set-up
and run an exam.

The online assessment tool
you've been looking for

Test process simulation knowledge with no effort. 

Create your exam in less than 1 hour!

Play Video

Set-up an exam in a few simple steps!

We have prepared examples with CHEMCAD and DWSIM flowsheets. Explore and test them on DASHBOARD!

Use your own flowsheets
and select input and output parameters.
Step 1
Create your exam or exercise
in Microsoft Word (DOCX).
Step 2
Permutate input parameters and calculate output parameters
using Excel Runner (XLXS). 
Step 3
Merge DOCX and XLSX with
student email addresses to generate individual PDF files. 
Step 4
Share PDF files with students
and collect their submissions.
Step 5
Enjoy automatic
evaluation and grading.
Step 6

Create your first online exam now!

Easy. Automated. Reliable.

Listen to our THEE
audio poster

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