Take-home exercise/ exam
for Teaching
Process Simulation

What is Take-Home Exercise/ Exam?

Take-Home Exercise/ Exam (THEE) generates any number of CHEMCAD or DWSIM flowsheet simulations for classroom exercises or as individualized exams.

It is for every academic teacher who transforms lectures and seminars from in-class teaching to online self-study and exam settings during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Why use Take-Home Exercise/ Exam?

Test Engineering

You test engineering skills
and not only the usage of a process simulator.


You offer exams across multiple locations and for an unlimited number of participants.


You maintain the integrity of the exam thanks to individualized tasks and anti-cheating technologies.


With auto-grading, you evaluate and grade students with a click.

Cost Effective

You replace or combine with paper exams and examination centers.


All you need is an internet connection to set-up
and run an exam.

The online assessment tool
you've been looking for

Set-up an exam in less than 1 hour

Get started with ready-to-use exam examples of CHEMCAD and DWSIM flowsheets on DASHBOARD.

Use your own flowsheets
and select input and output parameters.
Step 1
Create your exam or exercise in Microsoft Word (DOCX).
Step 2
Permutate input parameters and calculate output parameters using Excel Runner (XLXS).
Step 3
Merge DOCX and XLSX with student email addresses to generate individual PDF files.
Step 4
Share PDF files with students
and collect their submissions.
Step 5
Enjoy automatic evaluation and grading.
Step 6

See how teachers work with THEE

... and what their students think about it

Presentation at the ECCE 13 & ECAB 6 Conference

Create better assessments

Easy. Automated. Transparent.

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