Multivariate Sensitivity Study
to know your process

What is Multivariate Sensitivity Study?

Multivariate Sensitivity Study allows the simultaneous examination of multiple input and output relationships and their effect on simulation results. It focuses on sensitive parameters to avoid critical operation areas of your process, to optimize the process with different constraints and objectives, and make better process-related decisions. 

For a fast calculation, the Multivariate Sensitivity Study is calculated on a cluster of CHEMCAD / DWSIM instances.

It is for every engineer who wants to visualize their process behavior, get valuable insights for optimized operation, and improve energy and production efficiencies.

Why use the Multivariate Sensitivity Study?

Cover large solution spaces

You analyze the entire solution space with full factorial or space-filling designs

Apply constraints with filters

You discover parameter dependencies and dimension reductions using big data analytics

Find pareto-optimal solutions

You visualize solution spaces and pareto fronts for multi-objective optimization problems

Multivariate Sensitivity Study (MSS) is an application hosted on Dashboard, our simulation platform developed for process engineers working with flowsheets. 

How sensitive is your process to parameter changes?

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Learn more from our use cases

Case 1- Optimization of a Batch Distillation for Solvent Recovery

Case 2- Distillation of an Ethanol-Water Mixture (see video)

Flowsheet (CHEMCAD)

Flowsheet (DWSIM)

Interactive Data Explorer

Use the sliders on the report below to apply limitations! Observe the relationship between variables.

Check the sensitivities by varying:
  • EtOH fraction
  • Distillate rate
  • Reboiler duty