Flowsheet generated by Artificial Intelligence -Separation of methanol and acetone using Pressure Swing Distillation

"How" our Flowsheet Copilot works

User inputs

  • Select components for separation (High-boiling and low-boiling) and property package from/in the flowsheet
  • Purity constraints
  • Feed stream conditions

GenAI specifications (ranges)

  • Number of Stages​
  • Feed Stage
  • Condenser Pressure
  • Reflux Ratio
  • Bottom product flowrate
  • Swing Pressure


Several (many) flowsheets, each is/has:

  • Converging or non-converging
  • Total energy consumption
  • Product purities

Flowsheet Copilot FAQs

  • Do you use ChatGPT?

    No, large language models (LLMs) such as:
    OpenAI’s GPT models (e.g., GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, used in ChatGPT), Google’s
    PaLM (used in Bard), and Meta’s LLaMa, as well as BLOOM, Ernie 3.0 Titan,
    and Anthropic’s Claude 2 do not produce reliable results – they “hallucinate”.
    This is unacceptable in process simulation. 

  • How many flowsheets does Flowsheet Copilot generate?

    Technically speaking, Flowsheet Copilot generates hundreds or thousands of simulation flowsheets, but we make only the best flowsheets available to the user.  

  • How do you make sure a simulation flowsheet generated by AI is correct?

    All flowsheets are generated for DWSIM, the open-source process simulator, and tested for convergence. If a flowsheet meets the user's requirement for an output parameter, e.g., a purity constraint, we tag it as "valid" and ask the user to check the flowsheet in DWSIM. The human simulation engineer remains the responsible for judging the fitness of a simulation flowsheet generated by AI.  

  • Can I generate any flowsheet using Flowsheet Copilot?

    No. Currently, Flowsheet Copilot generates a separation section using one of the 4

    - Ideal Mixture Distillation

    - Homogeneous Minimum-Boiling Azeotropes with Pressure Swing Distillation

    - Heterogeneous Azeotrope Distillation with Entrainer

    - Absorption

  • Where can I get more information about the algorithm that is behind Flowsheet Copilot?

    Please contact us at support@simulate365.com