Flowsheet Copilot

At our January Simulate 365 User Meeting we presented how to “Generate and optimize flowsheets from a paper – using AI – on the example of pressure swing distillation”.
📢 We are happy to share that YOU CAN NOW try for yourself to create and optimize separation sections for your DWSIM flowsheet on Simulate 365 Dashboard using our Flowsheet Copilot application!

We have developed a generative AI feature that goes beyond traditional methods, addressing the challenges of navigating vast solution spaces with limited feasible options. With Flowsheet Copilot:

😁 You easily set up your design experiment using an (empty) DWSIM flowsheet and basic process requirements and start the flowsheet generation and optimization in the background – no trial & error!
👆 Navigate through your generated solution space in the browser by defining an objective function for multi-criteria optimization.
💪 Download your best flowsheets for validation and fine-tuning.

Stay tuned as we unveil how this generative AI tool, seamlessly integrated with DWSIM, empowers process engineers to effortlessly explore, review, and fine-tune flowsheets for unparalleled efficiency.

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