Why use Simulate365Py?

Simulate365Py is a standalone Python library that allows to access and interact with DWSIM flowsheets from Python. You use Simulate365Py to calculate your flowsheet with new parameters, extract data or run sensitivity studies without opening or changing the flowsheet locally.

Simulate365Py works with any DWSIM flowsheet on Dashboard

Who benefits from the Simulate365Py library?

  • Anyone who would like to extract data from DWSIM flowsheets without installing DWSIM on their local machine.
  • Software developers who are developing applications that need to interact with DWSIM flowsheets.
  • Process engineers who use DWSIM flowsheets to model and analyze chemical processes and need to extract input and output parameters from the flowsheets.
  • Students who learn about chemical engineering or process simulation and need to extract data from DWSIM flowsheets for their assignments or projects.

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