Support Mission Statement

Our software helps you being effective and efficient. If you get stuck, we are there to help you. We know that speed matters.

We provide engineering know-how in many fields, and we know our software. For us, Support is the best channel to learn about your requirements, your workflows, and your ideas how to improve our software. We value your feedback.

We provide 4 Levels of Support

Our customized software solutions are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that you have the tools you need to optimize your processes and improve efficiency. Plus, our consulting services provide you with the expertise and guidance you need to fully understand and take advantage of the capabilities of your software. 

Level 0 - Automated or self-service

Automated or self-service solutions that users can access themselves without the aid of the Help Desk. These include automated password resets, access to your downloads and licenses, or account management.

Each product has its own help page. All help pages of this website can be found here.

We provide Updates to our products as described in the Update Policy. Our licensing is explained in the Licensing Policy.

Level 1 - Register incident and resolve simple incidents

The responsibility of 1st Level Support is to register and classify received incidents and to undertake an immediate effort in order to restore a failed IT service as quickly as possible.

If no ad-hoc solution can be achieved, 1st Level Support will transfer the incident to expert technical support groups (2nd Level Support).

1st Level Support also processes Service Requests and keeps users informed about their incidents’ status at agreed intervals.

Level 1 may also provide support for identified Level 2 and Level 3 issues where solutions have already been documented.

Level 2 - Handle more complex incidents

2nd Level Support takes over incidents that cannot be solved immediately with the means of 1st Level Support.

If necessary, it will request external support, e.g. from software or hardware manufacturers.

The aim is to restore a failed IT Service as quickly as possible.

If no solution can be found, the 2nd Level Support passes on the incident to 3rd Level Support.

Level 3 - Handle incidents that require access to source code

3rd Level Support is typically located at hardware or software manufacturers (third-party suppliers).

Its services are requested by 2nd Level Support if required for solving an incident.

The aim is to restore a failed IT Service as quickly as possible.

What Support does not cover

Support is not one-on-one training or coaching. Complex software usually comes with training offered by the supplier or third parties. You find information about training on the products’ help pages. We expect you to have the basic knowledge if training is available.

Support is not Consulting. Although our support engineers are process engineers and have a good understanding of your challenges, their support is limited to pointing you in the right direction and making sure that our software behaves as expected.

Support is not Programming. We do not offer software development support, code review, debugging, and the like. We do not offer support for Excel worksheets, VBA scripting, or coding in any other programming language.

Which Support is included

Every product has the information which Support is included. All products have Level 0 support included via their help page. We offer personal support via the support platform and email (Levels 1-3).

Who provides the Support

Level 0 support is provided by this website. We offer personal support via the support platform and email (Levels 1-3).