DEXPI Process
to extract data from simulators

What is DEXPI Process?

DEXPI Process is part of a data exchange standard for the process industry, developed and maintained by the DEXPI e.V. association.

It defines an information model for block flow diagrams (BFD) and process flow diagrams (PFD).

DWSIM Pro is the first process simulator that supports DEXPI Process.

It is for every engineer who wants to use the information stored in a simulation file in another software.

The German industry requested an Open Architecture for Process Simulation

  • Open System
  • Flexible Components (grey/pink)
  • Integrated into a company’s digital infrastructure (green)
View DEXPI Process specification here.


  • Which problem does the DEXPI standard solve?

    The process industry has decided to move from document-centric to data-centric engineering.

    Engineering documents typically come in the Adobe PDF or the Microsoft Excel XLSX format and do not contain a standardized structure.

    Data typically comes as key-value pairs, it is structured hierarchically, and it does not contain a standardized structure either. 

    DEXPI – an acronym for “data exchange in the process industry” – establishes a data exchange model based on the ISO 15926 standard, so that EP/EPCs*, owner-operators, and equipment vendors, but also site services and authorities become more efficient during planning, construction and operation of plants.


  • What is DEXPI Process?

    DEXPI Process is the new standard for exchanging block flow diagrams (BFDs) and process flow diagrams (PFDs).

    DEXPI Process is a part ("package") of the DEXPI information model, which is part of the DEXPI Specification, as published by DEXPI e.V. (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).

    DEXPI Process centers on the Process Step, whereas DEXPI covers the Plant Item

    DEXPI+ refers to the Dechema e.V. working group that defined DEXPI Process. In the past, DEXPI+ was also used to refer to DEXPI Process itself.

  • Can I convert a simulation from AspenPlus, CHEMCAD, HYSYS, Unisim Design, ProSim, Pro II, etc.?

    Yes, if you have a license for one of these simulators.

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