Bidirectional solver

Process simulation relies on optimization tools like Adjust, Calculator blocks, and Sensitivity studies to achieve desired output specifications by determining the necessary input parameters.

These methods can be time-consuming due to calculations involving multiple variables in a wide range.

Overcoming these limitations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a process simulation is important.

However, single-directional solvers take longer to compute and have limited convergence capabilities.

💡The bidirectional solver in DWSIM Pro offers new capabilities for optimization, accuracy, and efficiency.

😀 You can quickly and easily determine unknown input specifications for a unit operation by defining outlet stream information and saving computational time. 
👆 You use a single click to define and calculate unit operation blocks with indirect specifications. 
💪 You flexibly enable or disable the solver anytime during the simulation, granting you greater control and adaptability. 
👉 You can rely on a range of supported objects such as Valve, Mixer, Expander, Cooler, Heater, Pump, Gas-Liquid separator, and Compressor, catering to your diverse simulation needs. (more to come)  
🤖 The editor automatically detects whether the selected object is supported or not preventing you from making over and under specifications.

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