Custom Property Package

A property package in process simulation software is a set of mathematical equations, algorithms, and data used to calculate the physical and thermodynamic properties of a fluid or mixture of fluids at a given temperature, pressure, and composition.

Existing property packages may not always accurately predict the behavior of fluids in unique conditions or specific applications. These can include extreme temperatures, high pressures, non-ideal mixtures, specific chemical reactions, or novel fluid compositions that are not well-characterized.

In such cases, a custom property package can be developed to accurately predict the properties and behavior of the fluids in question. 

Benefits of the custom property package:  

– You get more accurate predictions of fluid behavior under unique conditions or specific applications. 

– You get a better understanding of process plant performance, which can lead to improved product quality, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. 

– You get greater flexibility to model unique processes and fluid mixtures, which can lead to innovation and the development of new products or applications.

Daniel Medeiros offers a comprehensive tutorial on customizing property packages with DWSIM. In his video, he demonstrates how to create a new package using the Wilson Activity Coefficient model for calculating liquid phase fugacity.

The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and is definitely a valuable resource for those looking to customize their property packages.

We 👍 this video because:  

– The video provides a detailed tutorial on customizing property packages with DWSIM. 

– It offers an easy-to-follow guide and uses a widely used model for calculating liquid phase fugacity. 

– It highlights the software’s flexibility and ability to adapt to the specific needs of different users and industries.

How to Create a New Property Package Model