Cost Estimator Tool

Cost estimation in process industries is vital for optimizing design decisions, ensuring economic viability, guiding strategic planning, and effectively managing risks to enhance overall profitability.

Integrating a cost estimator tool into process simulation software offers immediate financial insights and supports the iterative design, conserving both time and resources.

DWSIM Pro’s Cost Estimator tool provides real-time capital and operating cost estimations for chemical processing plants, offering features like report comparisons, diverse export options, automatic equipment mapping, price adjustments, currency conversions, and user-defined customisations based on active flowsheet data.

🏭 You estimate the upfront investment for your plant using the Capital Cost Estimation. 
📅 You forecast your plant’s yearly expenses with the Yearly Operating Cost Estimation feature. 
🔍 You benefit from the Automatic Mapping feature, aligning costs with selected equipment, streams, and utilities. 
📈 You stay updated with industry standards, adjusting prices in real-time using CEPCI and IPC Cost Indexes. 
💱 You convert costs to your desired currency with precision. 
📤 You share your insights broadly, exporting results to diverse formats such as DOC, ODT, XLS, ODS, or PDF.

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