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Minimum Requirements for the .NET Interface

The minimum requirements for applications based on the CC-API .NET interface (class library) are: CHEMCAD7 Visual Studio 2013 or above .NET Framework 4.5 or above Recommended Versions According to Wikipedia, Visual Studio 2017 offers new features like support for EditorConfig (a coding style enforcement framework). It also has an XAML Editor, improved IntelliSense, live unit testing, debugging enhancement and …

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Publications show where we are going with CC-API and how.

Install CC-API .NET Interface

When you download the .NET Interface, you receive one file: Unzip the file and include CGC.CC-API.dll as a reference in your Visual Studio C# project. There are three build versions of CC-API .NET Interface in AnyCPU, x86 and x64. You can find examples of how to use .NET Interface on code snippets page. In case you …

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