dashboard to manage
simulation knowledge

What is

Dashboard is our simulation file management system. It keeps track of simulation flowsheet versions, their purpose, their context, and when, how, and by whom they have been used.

It is for every engineer who works with many flowsheets and where transparency and control over knowledge is a must.


Flowsheet preview

You visually understand and know key flowsheet parameters without opening the file.


You always have the most recent flowsheets accessible on all your devices.


You know which simulation file is the right one whenever you need it.


You quickly find files with smart tagging and chronological order.


You create a tag system to define priorities, progress status, or revision requests.


You are always on the same page with your project manager or your team with easy flowsheets sharing.

It's time to work with Flowsheets, smarter

See how others work with DASHBAORD

Manage simulation files

Plus a lot more with DASHBOARD

Reduce rework

You can't find the right simulation file? You don't need to recreate a document if it can't be located on your corporate network. It's all stored on DASHBOARD from day one and can be found easily.

Cut down on emails

You don't need to attach a simulation file to an email to share it. Share it on DASHBOARD and eliminate the risk of lost versions and untracked changes when the project scales and your inbox is filling up.

Improve communication

You keep track of comments relating to a specific file. You can easily trace back when and why certain changes were made. You are sure that priorities are set right and the project is on track.

Collaborate with others on one single source of truth.