A CHEMCAD user added module (UAM) is a user-defined unit operation, K-value method, or enthalpy method created by the user or a third party.

Benefits of user-defined UnitOps

For example, CHEMCAD users have created UAMs for membrane separators, fuel cells and other proprietary technology.

UAM’s also give users the ability to create new thermodynamic routines, or communicate data with other programs.UAM’s have access to a large number of internal CHEMCAD routines.

Have you implemented your own UAMs already? Add-on Manager administers your UAMs side-by-side with ours from this page.

We implement UnitOps and Thermodynamic Models for you

“In order to program UAM’s you must first be proficient in C++ programming language.” says Chemstations, Inc.’s documentation. Most CHEMCAD end-users cannot spend the time to program complex applications.

We have developed an efficient way to implement UnitOps or thermodynamic models from the mathematical equations. No programming required!

This page shows some of the UnitOps, for which we have the mathematical equations ready for implementation.

Select your UnitOps or the RefProp-Connector for CHEMCAD!

You engineer processes with CHEMCAD. With one of the Unit Ops provided here, you can enhance CHEMCAD with specific functionality.

Some of the UnitOps on this page have a red ribbon “Coming soon”. We can implement them at short notice, if there is a demand. Fill in the form on the bottom of the page to let us know!

Heat Exchangers

Cooling towers are used for the removal of heat through a partial evaporation of the coolant (commonly water).


Spray dryers are mostly used for powder formation while a slurry or an undersaturated liquid is passed through hot air. Spray dryers are used to achieve a certain particle size…


The fixed bed reactor is a type of heterogeneous catalytic reactor.

Fluidised bed reactors are multi-phase reactors, where the reactor fluid is passed through the bed of catalyst granules at high velocities for solid suspension resulting in better mass and heat…


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Solids Handling

Cross flow filtration is a type of cake filtration, during which solids get trapped into the filter-bed and filtrate gets released at the other end. Cross flow filtration has applications…

Piping and Flow

An ejector is a pumping device with no moving parts, which uses the motion of a motive fluid to transport another fluid. Industrial applications of ejectors vary from maintaining sub…

Liquid ring pumps can be used for vacuum applications or for gas compression. This model will calculate pump performance parameters like NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head), total head, volumetric discharge…

This model is a type of solid transport equipment model. The model covers solid flows like pneumatic conveying, and conveying through chutes. Depending upon the type of transport the parameters…

Thermodynamic Models

REFPROP is an acronym for REFerence fluid PROPerties. This program, developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), calculates the thermodynamic and transport properties of industrially important fluids…

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