Login help

  • I registered but I can’t log in

    There could be different reasons why you cannot log in to simulate365.com. Check which one applies to you:

    1. You haven’t activated your account. 

    At the time when you registered we sent you an email with an account activation link. Check your email and spam folder.

    2. You are trying to log in with your email.

    At the time when your registered we generated a Simulate 365 username for you. It’s included in the email together with your account activation link. Use your Simulate 365 username and the password you created to log in. Username example: joe.doe@simulate365.com 

    3. You are trying to log in with your personal/work/school Microsoft account. 

    If you work with Microsoft applications on a regular basis, you are most likely logged in to your Microsoft account to use Teams or SharePoint. 

    Since simulate365.com login is a Microsoft account, you can get an error if you don’t pay attention with which Microsoft user you’re trying to log in.

    Microsoft can propose your personal/work/school user account for simulate365.com login. Double-check to prevent a login error.

    If this is the case, select “sign in with a different account” and proceed with your Simulate 365 username and password.

    4. Your browser is perhaps storing outdated login information.

    Clear your cache and cookies, close and reopen your browser, and try logging in again with your username and password. Try in a private (incognito) window as well.

  • Lost/forgot password

    If you loose or forget your password and cannot log in to simulate365.com, Dashboard or a Virtual Machine you can get a new password here: simulate365.com/password-reset/ 

    You use the same Simulate 365 username and password to log in to all our products and services.

  • Why simulate365.com login page shows Office 365 sign in window?

    We work with Microsoft and to use our products and services you need to sign in to a Microsoft account that we have created for you when you registered.

    The Microsoft account we created does not access or connect to any of your company or personal Microsoft accounts. 

    The Office 365 sign in window always shows our Simulate 365 logo. To sign, always use your Simulate 365 username and password.

  • I can’t reset my password in the Office 365 sign in window

    Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment to reset password in the sign in window. 

    If you loose or forget your password, you can get a new one here

  • I need to contact support

    You can email support@simulate365.com