ACHEMA Access Pass Help

ACHEMA Access Pass is a product available to the participants of ACHEMA PULSE only.

It enables participants of the event to explore and test for free the Simulate 365 Simulation Framework.

The ACHEMA Access Pass gives instant access to the Simulate 365 products for 1 day.

The 1-day free trial period can be extended. To extend the free trial period, complete and send the Self-Qualification Form available on the My Account page.

The ACHEMA Access Pass product can only be purchased with a Promo Code.

A successful purchase will generate unique login credentials for every user.

The login credentials are stored on the My Account page and should be used as instructed to access the Simulate 365 products.

If you need help with purchase or access to this product contact

If you don’t have a Promo Code and you’re a registered ACHEMA PULSE participant, contact