.NET Interface Development Trial

Development Trial is for anyone who needs proof it works.

You have access to the entire .NET Interface Class Library & Object Model.

We provide help to set up your programming environment and code snippets in several programming languages for basic applications with .NET Interface.

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What can I do with Development Trial?

Here are some ideas what you can do with .NET Interface during your trial period:

  • Read stream data, including stream label, temperature, pressure, mole fraction, enthalpy, and component flow rates from stream 1 in your CHEMCAD flowsheet “Hexane-extraction.cc7”. Over 130 example flowsheets come with CHEMCAD. Use them for the trial!
  • Write a list of all streams in a CHEMCAD flowsheet to the screen.
  • Update the temperature and pressure of a stream, execute the CHEMCAD Run command and read data from another stream.
  • Get an array containing pressure of each tray and another array containing flood percentage of each tray from a column in your flowsheet.
  • Update the column pressure profile with your values.
  • Define a feed stream, including its temperature, pressure, enthalpy, and component flow rates. Then use CHEMCAD flash calculations and retrieve the calculated liquid and vapor stream, and the k-values at equilibrium and ion flow rates (if electrolyte is chosen) if applicable.
  • Retrieve pure component data for any component on the current component list of the flowsheet.
  • Analyse the entire flowsheet. For a given stream, determine the source and target units. For a unit, query the inlets and outlets (streams). Identify all feed streams or product streams.

Many, many more programs can be written to access CHEMCAD flowsheets via CC-API! Now, it’s up to you to be creative!

What’s in the package

Versions and product update policy:

  • 2 activations for a 5-days trial period for .NET Interface license, latest version, automatic updates, for one named user
  • .NET Interface Development Trial can be extended after expiration
  • Free, unlimited support for .NET Interface by

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