.NET Interface Development SE for Software Engineers


.NET Interface Development SE for Software Engineers

Development SE is for Software Engineers, who develop applications regularly.

All you need is the CC-API Class Library & Object Model.

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Use your Developer Directory entry to get contacted by CHEMCAD users. It’s free.


A jeep is ideal for extended all terrain routes and great fun for the exploration of secret treasures.

What can I do with Development SE for Software Engineers?

A Software Engineer can use state-of-the-art programming with .NET Interface:

  • Map CHEMCAD objects to objects of any other software.
  • Implement synchronization between CHEMCAD and any other software.
  • Implement exception handling.
  • Persist data and metadata from the exchange in your own database.
  • Deploy your application together with CC-API to end users. End users will need a CC-API Deployment license to run CC-API.
  • Deliver CC-API end user license keys to your customers. Or have your customers purchase CC-API license keys on cc-api.com.
  • Use CC-API licensing API to check if CC-API license keys are valid (and not expired).
  • Use CC-API licensing API to implement licensing for your own application.


  • Not relevant in process engineering? Check the examples for process engineers given here.
  • Too complex? Find smaller ideas to do with CC-API here.
  • Not complex enough? Have a look at the Connectors for CHEMCAD. They interface CHEMCAD with leading standard applications for the process industries.

Many, many more applications can use data from CHEMCAD flowsheets.  Now, it’s up to you to build something big!

What’s in the package

Versions and product update policy:

  • .NET Interface license, latest version, automatic updates, for one named user
  • Free, unlimited support for .NET Interface by support@simulate365.com

This product is subject to the following Terms, Conditions and Licenses:

You can download or print any of these terms, conditions and licenses before you purchase.

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