.NET Interface Development PE for Process Engineers


.NET Interface Development PE for Process Engineers

Development PE is for Process Engineers who develop applications rarely.

We provide code snippets in several programming languages. They get you up and running basic applications fast. Forum support, help pages, FAQ and tutorials answer your questions.

You have access to the entire CC-API Class Library & Object Model.

With this license, you qualify for a Developer Directory entry.

A motorcycle is ideal for short tours and perfect for climbing steep hills to oversee the landscape.

What can I do with Development PE for Process Engineers?

A Process Engineer can implement these applications with .NET Interface:

  • Call a CHEMCAD flowsheet. Change variables in streams or unit operations. Execute a CHEMCAD Run command. Read stream or unit op variables. Find more specific examples from process engineering here.
  • Use CHEMCAD as an equipment costing tool. Implement an easy-to-use interface for your sales department.
  • Call one CHEMCAD flowsheet with different sets of variables. Implement or use an external optimizer for the results.
  • Use CHEMCAD as a virtual plant. Implement or connect to an Operator Training System (OTS).


  • Use C# or any other .NET programming language.
  • Too complex? Find smaller ideas to do with CC-API here.
  • Not complex enough? Have a look at the Connectors for CHEMCAD. They interface CHEMCAD with leading standard applications for the process industries.

Many, many more applications can be based on CHEMCAD flowsheets. Use thermodynamic calculations. Access pure component and mixture data. Use shortcut and rigorous models. Use steady state and dynamic processes. Now, it’s up to you to take the lead!

What’s in the package

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  • Free, unlimited support for .NET Interface by support@simulate365.com

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